William Morris was the most prominent artist and writer to embrace the new socialist movement of the 1880s. As the leader of one of Britain's two major socialist organisations from 1885 to 1890, his personal example and dedication inspired and encouraged members of every faction of the left. The Socialist Diary of 1887, written at the midpoint of his period of most vigorous political activity, remains one of the most interesting accounts of his activities. Its brevity and bluntness render it an accessible introduction to Morris's socialist efforts, as he records grim economic conditions, the hostility of the newspapers and police, internal socialist debates, and practical obstacles to his efforts at propaganda. Finally, the Diary documents some of the movement's many strengths - its genuine intellectual variety, cooperation under stress, and sense of excitement and anticipation. This new edition contains updated annotations and expanded biographical accounts of persons mentioned in the Diary.

Edited by Florence Boos

184 pp

ISBN 978-1-910170-49-6

William Morris's Socialist Diary