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A charming terracotta tile suitable for hanging indoors or outside. 


This lovely decorative wall tile is based on a design by William Morris for his ‘Doves and Roses’ woven textile of 1879. The woven textile has since been reproduced as wallpaper and printed fabric. A banner incorporated into the design contains the words “Love is enough” in the romantic black letter script favoured by Morris and his circle. These words form the title of the second book of poems written by Morris and printed by his Kelmscott Press. The design and words form a popular and romantic tile, which is often given as an engagement present as well as for weddings and particular anniversaries.


Fixing Points: Two holes: on either side just under the top two flowers
Dimensions: 9.6cm x 9.2cm


Made in Bath, UK, by Black Dog, a family run business which has been designing and producing decorative tiles for over 35 years. 


Terracotta Tile: Love is Enough

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