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A charming terracotta tile suitable for hanging indoors or outside. 


As well as being an extraordinarily versatile designer and original thinker, Morris wrote poetry. This quote comes from a piece intended for his new house at Kelmscott in Gloucestershire which was embroidered by his wife Jane into the hangings in their bedroom.


“The wind’s on the wold
And the night is a-cold,
And Thames runs chill
Twixt mead and hill,
but kind and dear
Is the old house here,
and my heart is warm
Midst winter’s harm….”


The quote forms a ribbon laid on a design based on Morris’s “Bird” woven wool fabric, designed for Kelmscott House in 1878. Here uniquely will you find both words and a design of William Morris in one piece. A lovely gift for a new home.


Made in Bath, UK, by Black Dog, a family run business which has been designing and producing decorative tiles for over 35 years. 


Fixing Points: one hole towards the top in the middle of the tile
Dimensions: 9.8cm x 9.8cm

Terracotta Tile: Dear House

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