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Set of 5 jumbo size postcards featuring images from our museum Collection.


Postcard size: 17 cm h x 12 cm w


Images featured:


  • Jane Morris, copy of photograph by John Robert Parsons, July 1865
  • William Morris, photogravure of a photograph taken by Emery Walker, 19th January 1889
  • Bird, woven wool fabric designed by William Morris in 1878
  • Membership card for the Hammersmith branch of the Socialist League, designed by Walter Crane. Signed by Emery Walker as Secretary and William Morris as Treasurer.
  • Vine, silk embroidery on oak silk damask, 1890s. Designed by John Henry Dearle and worked under the supervision of May Morris for Morris & Co.


Set of 5 Postcards from our Museum Collection

SKU: WMK1800005
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