A cleverly curated seed collection ready to grow.

Within each  beautifully designed box is a pre-seeded coir based bar. Simply add water and within 7 – 14 days the seeds will start to germinate.

All that’s needed is a small container, some water and a warm, sunny spot on the windowsill, as the plants develop they can be potted on.

The packaging and contents are 100% biodegradable

William Morris Flowers is a collection of classic flowers which inspired Morris.

Dianthus, commonly known as 'pinks', features in the meandering florals of Morris's Pink and Rose 1890 wallpaper design.

Larkspur, now known as delphiniums, inspired Morris's Larkspur wallpaper of 1874.

Heartsease was used in a design for St. James's Palace.


Growbar - William Morris Flowers

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