A cleverly curated seed collection ready to grow.

Within each  beautifully designed box is a pre-seeded coir based bar. Simply add water and within 7 – 14 days the seeds will start to germinate.

All that’s needed is a small container, some water and a warm, sunny spot on the windowsill, as the plants develop they can be potted on.

The packaging and contents are 100% biodegradable

Victorian Flowers is a collection of elegant flowers treasured by the Victorians who often ascribed symbolic meanings to plants and flowers.

Canterbury Bells is a mix of pink and purple flowers symbolising 'gratitute' and 'Acknowledgement'.

Larkspur, now known as delphinium, inspired Morris's Larkspur wallpaper of 1874.

Candytuft produces a profusion of scented pink and white blooms which could symbolise either 'sweetness' or 'indifference'.


Growbar - Victorian Flowers

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